The Weekend 02

With weekends off work now I wanted to document not only Sundays, but the Saturdays too. I think that not only will this be a great way to document my life, but also to encourage me to actually do something and to not post "Stayed in bed with a book today" for every week.

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I'm starting my weekend post from the Friday evening this week rather than a Saturday as I usually would.
I took one of my best friends to the cinema on Friday to watch IT: Chapter 2 as it's her birthday next week and I won't be around to see her. We were a little early so popped to the pub for a glass of wine first then headed to the cinema. I loved the first film and was really looking forward to the second one, despite the not so great reviews I've seen.
I actually really enjoyed it. I felt it was a lot more "Stephen King-esque" than the first one in terms of the story. However I was not prepared for how jumpy it was. I think I jumped once when I watched the first one, and I lost count of how many times I jumped this time.

Saturday started out a bit productive. I went to collect my grocery shop, came home and put it away, started our picnic for the following day and then...lazed about on the sofa for the rest of the day after eating my favourite brunch of brioche, salmon and hollandaise sauce.
My mum came round just after lunchtime and it was nice to have a coffee with her, especially as she brought pastries!
The day wasn't completely wasted though, I have a rule to not feel bad to just sit and rest and do nothing (as long as I have achieved something that day then I don't feel like it's wasted). We are off to Scarborough in 2 weekends time to watch the racing at Olivers Mount and I needed to book accomodation for us for the Friday and Saturday night. I've been looking for a few weeks now and kept thinking I'd be able to find something cheaper closer to the time. Well...most places are now booked or expensive. Fail.
If it came to it then we would have found a site to camp on although it would have been the final option really. However, after I'd almost given up for the day (this was now at almost midnight) I googled "Bell tents, Scarborough" and ended up finding a site that has Wooden camping pods. They were £40 a night and you take your own beds, bedding etc but I thought it was ideal. Especially as the site is only 13 minutes drive from the race circuit. I booked straight away and felt such a relief. I'm really excited to stay in one.

Sunday morning the boys were dropped off at mine by their dad and we got ready as we had plans to meet another one of my best friends. I met Hayley through blogging back in 2014 (I think) and despite living a 3 hour journey away we have been able to keep our friendship close and strong, not seeing each other often but fitting in at least 1 or 2 visits a year. I absolutely adore her and her children so having plans to see them with my boys too was lovely. The 6 of us haven't hung out together for a while now so it was long overdue.
We met up on the beach at Wells-Next-The-Sea along with a picnic and spent 5 hours talking, playing in the sand, swimming in the sea and then taking photos of the children at the beach huts.
As we started to head towards the car it was raining...that horrible fine spit kind of rain, and we'd already planned to go and get a coffee or hot chocolate from the cafe so with the turn in the weather it was desired even more! We were the last ones to leave the cafe and as we had our hugs and goodbyes I felt so happy and, for the first time in a while, like I really wasn't ready for the weekend to be over.
I never dread Monday's but this one I wasn't keen on seeing too soon as I wasn't quite ready for my Sunday to be over.

Again soon, please.


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