The Weekend 03

With weekends off work now I wanted to document not only Sundays, but the Saturdays too. I think that not only will this be a great way to document my life, but also to encourage me to actually do something and to not post "Stayed in bed with a book today" for every week.

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Again, like last week, I'm starting my weekend post at Friday evening. I went to get my nails done as I am going away this week and also they just needed doing.
I think these are possibly the second best I've had (my leopard print ones from October last year will be hard to beat). I love the colours, the detail and the shape so much.

Saturday was pretty much a right off. I didn't go to sleep until 4am as I was making sure everything was finalised for work with my week off and also got engrossed in the R Kelly documentary on Netflix. If you haven't seen it it's really good. Very shocking and uncomfortable but a good documentary.
As a result I ended up waking up at around 10.30. My mum offered to treat me to lunch so I picked her up and we went to Wetherspoons in town.
I popped to B&M on the way back to get supplies for the following week away, got home at around 3 o clock and then....fell asleep again. By the time I woke up it was 7.30 and my 'to-do' list for the day wasn't really touched.

Sunday morning was a mad rush of cleaning the tortoises, dying my roots, getting the suitcases packed, getting the car packed, waiting for the boys to come back from their dads and general house sorting.
I was relieved when we finally managed to get on the road to Somerset.
After an hour delay on our journey due to traffic and toilet stops (one which resulted in us having a quick forage of blackberries in the layby), we got to my brothers at around 6.30.
I was so excited as he and his girlfriend got a dog a while ago and I hadn't yet had the chance to meet him. It was almost like meeting a baby nephew! He is amazing, so handsome and so clever.
After a glass of wine, and some pizza...bike chat and even a little ride for Charles on my brothers trial bike and all feeling shattered we headed for our hotel.
At 11.30pm the boys settled (I was quite relaxed with their bedtime due to the journey and sleeping in a different place).
It's difficult being a solo parent sometimes but right now, I feel like we are taking on the world and we have never been a tighter team. I love being their mum and making memories with them. And now as I lay here listening to them breathe as they sleep, gosh I just feel so incredibly lucky to have them as my family.


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