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100 Things - Bucket List

 I've always been a fan of a bucket list. I've had one for years and usually have little ones if I go away somewhere. As I've gotten older the list is somewhat more realistic than it was as a child! Back in 2014/2015 I wrote a 101 things in 1001 days list. Looking back on it now some of the things were a little bit silly but I think held me accountable to get stuff done. (Sort everything on the top of the wardrobe for example!) It was part bucket list, part to do list really! I've also been really lucky in my childhood that my Nanny and parents took me and my brother on two cruises so I've been able to visit a lot of countries that would have been on my list. As well as being on TV, being in the paper, I've been able to unintentionally tick things off my bucket list that I would have wanted to add. This is the completed things from my 101 things list from 2014/2015. As you can see, some are random..."Buy 3 statement necklaces". My life was obviously WI

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