34 Things That Make Me Happy

Last year I wrote "33 Favourite Things" to mark my 33rd birthday and this year I thought about a similar post I could write, to then make it a yearly tradition.
After a brainstorm with Hayley I finally decided on "34 Things that make me happy".

TT/Isle of Man/Motorbike merch

Leopard print
Fresh nails
Imagine Dragons
When people or places serve demerara sugar (white sugar does not go in coffee!)
A text back
Cuddles and hugs
Lidl’s ‘Pastel de nata’
Tattoo day
A new episode of Chasin’ the Racin’ Podcast
Impractical Jokers
Complimenting people
Voice notes and videos from Hayley
Motorbike racing
Lisa Jewell books
Louis Theroux documentaries
Leah Remini Scientology documentaries
Walkers Brazil Nut toffee
Fully charged phone battery
Car adventures
(My) cats
Out of the blue ‘Love you’ messages from friends
Free pens
Good theatre seats
Having things to look forward to
Oracle cards

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