The Weekend 04

With weekends off work now I wanted to document not only Sundays, but the Saturdays too. I think that not only will this be a great way to document my life, but also to encourage me to actually do something and to not post "Stayed in bed with a book today" for every week.

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This weekend was pretty uneventful. We were due to go to Scarborough to watch bike racing at Oliver's Mount but due to the weather we didn't go and instead stayed at home.
We got back from our break away at just gone 11pm on Friday night and after a super long drive, not going to sleep until past 2am, I was shattered.
We spent the weekend unpacking, tidying the house, the boys catching up on Youtube videos (of course).
I ordered a new William Dunlop mug before I went on holiday and was really happy to come home to the delivery of that.
The boys were really good despite being shut in and not going anywhere but I think we all needed a lazy weekend and time to get back to being at home and in a routine. We've had a busy few weekends really and more to come so it was nice to just laze about....and to catch up on all the attention the cats missed out on with us being away for a week!


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