The Weekend 01

I used to write posts about how I spent my Sundays and I used to really like documenting them. Even if I didn't really get up to much.
With weekends off work now I wanted to document not only Sundays, but the Saturdays too. I think that not only will this be a great way to document my life, but also to encourage me to actually do something and to not post "Stayed in bed with a book today" for every week.

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The weekend just gone was one we have been looking forward to for quite a while. We've always wanted to go and watch Truck Racing at Snetterton but for whatever reason hadn't gone. After going to watch BSB there a few weeks ago I saw absolutely no reason to not go to the truck racing.
This weekend the truck racing was on and I decided for us to go on Saturday as it's cheaper. £16 for me to get in and the boys are free!

We had planned to go early and be there for the first race at 9 o clock, however because I am lazy we ended up arriving there at 12. That worked out well though as we do tend to stay until the end, same as at BSB, when everyone else is leaving and people are still racing I like to be there for them.
We took a picnic along with us and managed to actually park next to the fencing so we could watch from the car. We ended up moving the car so the boys could watch whilst sat in the boot and I sat on the picnic blanket on the floor.
We went for a walk during the lunch break, and went over to the paddock and noticed there were car there too and realised it wasn't just trucks that were racing but cars too! Even better!
I paid for the boys to go on some mini monster trucks, we grabbed an ice cream and a coffee and then watched some more from that spot.
Later on we moved to another area of the track where we could see a different view. Where we were previous we could see the starting grid and finish and when we moved we were looking over the bombhole which is where we watched the BSB from.
It was such a lovely day. We were one of the last ones there watching and it was so worth it.

On Sunday we had a slow morning. Did a little bit of tidying and then decided to enjoy the weather and get some fresh air.
One of my favourite places to go just for half an hour or so is the Owl Sanctuary in Fritton. After spending some time there, and managing to once again reject and avoid Charles' request to have a Guinea Pig we then went for a walk around Fritton Woods.
It was so lovely. I love Fritton Woods and have been going there for years. We have a particular route we tend to walk so this time went a different way....yet still managed to find the tree the boys like to climb.

After this we went to the supermarket to buy some bits for dinner and headed home to relax.
It felt like such a busy weekend, even though we only really did things in the afternoon. But we made memories and had fun and spent time together. Learning about each other and discovering new things and weekends like that are so important.
I think from when I worked Saturdays and only having the boys 50% of the time I definitely appreciate and treasure the time and days I have with them a lot more now.


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