British Superbikes: Snetterton

A couple of weekends ago we did something a little different and tried something new.
Despite being a fan of the TT and a novice fan of Road Racing I've never really been interested in or looked at other kind of motorsports, especially anything like British Super Bikes. I've looked at it when it's been on tv but haven't been able to really get into it. However I do enjoy watching the odd clip on Facebook or YouTube.

We don't live too far away from Snetterton and driving past there to drive to Watford I noticed on the big Billboard that BSB was going to be there in July.
It wasn't my weekend with the boys and they were due to be with their dad, and I considered going by myself.
After thinking about it I asked if I could have them on the Sunday so they could come with me.
After seeing the price difference between Saturday and Sunday (Saturday £16, Sunday £35, boys were both free) I then decided to go on the Saturday and their dad kindly let me have them for the whole weekend.

We got a picnic and headed over around 11 o clock. Although on the drive over the weather was all over the place, sunny and then heavy rain so I phoned my brother to see if it would still be likely to go head (at the TT any rain, fog or bad weather stops the race mainly due to the mountain and AirMed not being be able to fly). He said they would still go ahead and race so, unafraid of rain, we carried on to Snetterton.

I didn't really know what to expect as we drove there. I'd been to watch my brother do a track day at Snetterton but that's as far as my "watching motorbikes on a track" has ever gone.
It's known (by my brother and my children) that I cry at the TT. I cry at videos of the TT.....but that's just because I love the TT right?

Nope!! Turns out its the sound of bikes racing in any form that makes me cry!
My uncontrollable legs, which we have nicknamed my "Dunlop Dance"...also apparently aren't just limited to the TT.
As we drove to the car park, with the windows down listening to the bikes, I felt so excited and so happy.

I knew of a few of the racers at the BSB, more than I thought so I was quite surprised at myself really!
The boys were excited too and didn't moan once...even though there were two incredible downpours and the three of us had to huddle under our big TT golf umbrella until it stopped.
It didn't ruin our day though.

I've been quite lucky to have never seen a crash at the TT, despite them happening whilst I was there I've never actually seen one.
However I saw one at Snetterton. The rider was able to get up and walk away but what upset me was seeing how disappointed and angry he was, clearly at himself, especially as he was one of the young riders. Still, he was ok and that's all that matters.

We stayed until the final race and watched the sidecars which I actually enjoyed watching here more than at the TT. Although similarly to the TT people left once the big bikes had finished and didn't stay to watch the sidecars.
There wasn't many of us left but we stayed and stood proudly and clapped as they did their parade lap.

I don't think there was any point in the day when we didn't have a smile on our faces.
It was honestly one of the best days out I have ever had with the boys and I can't wait to do it again.


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