I really enjoyed writing and have since enjoyed looking back and reading my "2019: The First Quarter Review". So I thought it was something I should definitely continue with. We'll ignore the fact that this is 2 months late!

The second quarter has been a bit of a funny one.
In March I got a 6 month promotion with work which was a real eye opener and an amazing opportunity and I really enjoyed it despite having to constantly ask for work and to ask what I should be doing. I was head hunted for it and I think it was possibly rushed as there was no real clear indication or idea from anyone as to what I was really there for.

Due to an incident my boss left and I found myself as a spare part which wasn't a nice feeling but the team still made me feel welcome and gave me more to do. But the incident left me feeling awful. I questioned myself a lot in terms of who I am, what I did to deserve it and whether or not it was my fault for putting trust in someone and being so confident and comfortable with them.

It's been amazing in the biggest way because it has let me have weekends with the boys and being able to have proper quality time with them has been something I have really needed. It took getting used to that I had these 2 full days with them...4 full days in a month when usually all I get is 2 full days.
I definitely haven't taken full advantage of the time with them and still let work creep in at the weekend, not knowing or being able to switch off.

So the second quarter was really consumed with work and adjusting to the changes that brought. As the promotion resulted in me travelling to Watford 2 or 3 days a week it's definitely thrown family life and home life into a bit of disruption. School routine all over the place, no real house routine and I really need to work on that.

But our highlight of the second quarter had to be going to the TT. I never really thought about taking them there. It's always been my thing but with a week off work during a half term and wanting to take them away I then saw there were ferry crossings available and it was cheaper to go over to the Isle of Man and to camp there than to go on a caravan holiday over here.
As with the TT every year it takes me a while to get back to real life and takes me a while to be able to write about it but there are posts saved in my head which I will get written soon enough.

On to the next quarter.


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