Once upon a time in 2017, three friends went for Sunday lunch in a little, outdated, local pub. As they sat there, talking about life, the recent holiday two of the friends had been on, the conversation turned into a beautiful question and suggestion.
Two of the friends said "We'd been thinking, for your birthday we would like to take you to..." and the third friend assumed the following words would be "North Norfolk" or something lovely and local like that.
But no. The words that followed weren't even words. Just one single word.


Now let me tell you a little bit about this 2017 birthday. It was a standard birthday. Not a milestone or big age at all. Just a standard 32nd birthday. Nothing special.
But special enough for those two wonderful, kind friends to feel the need to treat their friend to Paris.

We had a couple of months of planning. I set up a Pinterest board and looked at recommendations for a 24 hour trip to Paris.

It was amazing. We did a lot of walking and it was warm anyway so there were times the walking was tough but it was so worth it.

Even though it's a year later I still have a few blog posts I want to write about Paris, but for now here is a little peak at some of the beauty of Paris.


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