33 Favourite Things

As it was my 33rd birthday yesterday I wanted to mark it with some kind of blog post, other than the post I wrote Just another day.

I couldn't quite decide what to do. 33 facts, 33 quotes, etc. And yesterday when I was driving and listening to a certain soundtrack I realised I wanted to do a post on 33 of my favourite things.

1. Love

2. Humour/sarcasm/dirty jokes
3. Kind hearts
4. The smell of petrol
5. The Isle of Man TT
6. Good hair and make up days
7. Roast beef dinners
8. The perfect crusty bread
9. Tattoos
10. Blood Brothers
11. Good friends

12. Notebooks
13. Roadtrips
14. Music
15. Photos
16. Armani perfume
17. Candles

18. Tortoises
19. My cats
20. Bird cages
21. Tom Hanks
22. The colour blue
23. Oracle Cards

24. Meditation
25. Faith/Spirtuality
26. Guinness
27. Somerset
28. New nails
29. Louis Theroux
30. Memories
31. My blog
32. Blankets
33. Family


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