One of the things I love about camping is sitting inside and looking out on the view. To be honest, even when the view is pants or not at all inspiring, I like just sitting inside feeling surrounded by the tent but with the freedom of having the door wide open.
At the Isle of Man I would open my tent door as soon as I woke up and would get ready with it open.

The first morning of camping in Scotland I decided to take a photo from inside the tent.
Being surrounded by green and woodland was so pretty (despite the midges!!) and I really wanted to capture that.
The second night there was a beautiful sunset and with the net down, it was so warm I couldn't have the whole door zipped up but wanted to keep the midges out and have some kind of privacy, so I couldn't resist taking a photo of the view from inside.
And there came my idea to photograph each view during the trip. I also really like having the view framed with the tent doorway.
5 campsites and also 3 nights of Wild Camping meant a variety of views and I'm really glad I did this as I have loved having it to look back on.

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