I've never heard silence like it

We made a footpath to get from the road down to the mossy, story waters edge. This Loch was absolutely stunning, with certain aspects that reminded me of Jurassic Park (minus the Dinosaurs).
We walk along by the water then up towards the greener area, noticing fresh(ish) poo but no animals in sight.

As we walk a little further I notice, amongst the stones, a thick tooth. We walk a little more and spot a bone, and a few steps more we find parts of an animal skull.

As we walk over to another part of the water we wonder what animal the skull belonged to, and where the rest of it is.
What animal had been here not long before we arrived?

We stopped and listened.
No sound at all.
It wasn't eerie in a scary, uncomfortable way. But in a "far away from my norm" sense.

As we walked on some more I sat down and took in the view in front of me.
It was one of those views that you do your best to capture in photographic form but can never truly do it justice.

I decided to take this opportunity as the perfect time to meditate.

I usually meditate to then either work with my cards or to link in with my guides.
However this time I decided to meditate to connect with my surroundings. To completely immerse myself in this stunning, peaceful, calm environment.

Slowly breathing in and out, grounding myself, I became aware of what was around me. Of the sounds I heard. The light and rare whisp of the wind. The soft cracking of seaweed. The gentle sound of the rocks and stones as they gently tumbled and tapped together underneath the almost still water.
The song of wild birds in the distance.
All such sweet, soft sounds that you only really heard if you tuned in to listen for it.

Then the odd car whizzing past and not being able to stop yourself wondering if they appreciate this landscapes. If they stopped to view it themselves to see exactly what is here for them.

Free to view.
Free to listen.

I've never heard silence like it.


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