The Salt Museum, Las Salinas del Carmen | Fuerteventura

Located in Las Salinas del Carmen, a short drive from Caleta de Fuste, the Salt Museum is a really interesting and informative visit.
Obviously the majority of the museum is based in Spanish but there is a guide book you are given to follow to be able to understand the process in English.

Divided into two parts, the interior which features various visual tools, presentations and exhibitions about the history and importance of salt. I found it fascinating learning about how salt has played a part in various communities and religions over the years and how, to some, it’s more than just something they put on their fish and chips!
The exterior of the museum is fully operational so you are able to experience and view the whole process from sea to salt pot.

I never really thought about how salt was made or how the process was, and we didn’t really use the guidebook at this point as it was pretty self explanatory to watch the process and to follow each stage.

Without sounding like a complete geek, I think this is one of the most interesting museums I’ve ever been to. Being able to watch and learn about something that we use in everyday cooking. The fact it was still a working site and you could watch exactly how it is made and to watch the point the waves break and then travel down to the evaporation pods and then on to the salt warehouse to be transported and used around the country.

For just 5 Euros per person this was a worthwhile visit and if I wasn't watching and learning about the process I was being distracted by lizards or by the squirrels which had made a home at a water house at the site. 

There is also the skeleton of sperm whale to look at on the site, with a backdrop of the ocean and coastline.

If you go to Fuerteventura I highly recommend a visit to this museum.


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