Punta La Entallada Lighthouse | Fuerteventura

Lets face it, I've not held back with commitment before. I was engaged at 18 and married at 19, married for 10 years, mortgage and had two children. But probably the biggest commitment in my life was starting the drive to Punta La Entallada Lighthouse in Futereventura.
I started the drive and at first it was a very long road and it felt like I was never going to reach the lighthouse I could see high in the distance. I carried on and then the road turned into a sudden, steep hill. A sudden, steep commitment.
I'm not going to lie, I'm a confident driver but I felt scared and my anxiety came back bigger than ever. I was pretty sure I was going to kill us both. True story.

The road was steep, a little dodgy in places where the tarmac had broken off and not one parking place or area to be able to turn around...god forbid there was a car coming in the other direction!

When I reached the top and got to the car park I was glad to see there was loads of room to park. As soon as I pulled up I burst into tears, other than when I drove to Liverpool mostly using instinct and guesswork than Sat Nav and Google Maps, this was the scariest drive I've ever done. I was relieved to have got to the top without any accidents and safe.

Anyway, the view was absolutely stunning. Completely stunning and well worth that commitment and drive.

The lighthouse is an active, working lighthouse and although I couldn't look around it or find any information about it, it was still beautiful to look at. Not only for the building itself but because of the beautiful views. 
It is VERY windy up there though so best to not wear a dress when visiting. 

The drive back down was equally as scary, if not more so, as I was on the "cliff edge" side. However I was lucky that no other cars were coming the other way and I was able to use all the road. Plus I had faith in that little car I hired. 

Although this isn't somewhere you would stop off for a considerable amount of time, it is worth a visit particularly if you are touring the island and want a stop. Just be prepared for the long drive up once you've got off the main road and then the drive up the scary hill.


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