Mighty Claws Colchester | Review

Back in April the boys and I were invited along to the press day for new children's crazy golf course "Mighty Claws" in Colchester.

As I was away at Fuerteventura at the time of the press day we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to go back at a later date.

So last month we headed down to Colchester for the afternoon to visit. Now, Colchester isn't that close to Lowestoft so it was a special trip really and isn't somewhere we could just "pop along" to on any given day. However, as this was a special occasion we made the trip, something the boys were really excited about.
Their grandad is a big golf fan and plays at his local club so the boys have been around golf since they were born. Not in a massive way but they are aware of it because of their grandad.

It was a little hard to find as we drove up the lane and we did miss the turn off initially. Once we got parked we walked to the entrance, which is the main entrance to the golf club, and were welcomed by the member of staff on reception.
I wish I'd got his name as he was super helpful and ran through everything with us. He was also really welcoming when it came to the boys, I do worry about taking them to places which are more "adult based" and that frequent a certain type of person but I soon felt comfortable.

We were able to choose the colour ball we wanted to play with and to also choose and arrange a time for our pizza booking.

Enter an ancient world, filled with cascading waterfalls, a stone fortress, ancient weapons and lots of unfriendly, sharp toothed dinosaurs. 18 holes of fun (and just a little bit of DANGER!). Adopted from the children’s story, The Mighty Claws Storm A Fortress.

We allowed an hour for our round of golf. With a quick toilet break to start an hour seemed about right and we were round the course in that time.
The course is perfect for all ages, in fact there were a few people there without children which proves that!
The boys really liked looking at all of the different dinosaurs and reading the information as we went around.

I think the only thing I would have preferred was a little more fun on the actual course and holes. At some points it felt a little more about ability which is fine depending on who is in your party. Me and Charles were fine with this as he has a little more patience whoever Harry, being younger and with less patience, got a little fed up and as a result didn't have as much fun as me and Charles. It didn't help that it was hot but next time I would be mindful to take my time a little more and to allow more time I think for some of the holes.

Once we had finished our games we headed inside to the restaurant and bar. Sitting down with a much needed drink we waited for our pizzas.
Fresh from the pizza oven we had one of each of the flavours available. Cheese, pepperoni and BBQ chicken. These went down a treat and again we had amazing service from the staff in the restaurant.
Charles wasn't feeling very well so didn't eat all his pizza, which is very unlike him, but the lady who was looking after us was so lovely and managed to sort us out a takeaway box for Charles' pizza and the remaining two slices of Harry's.

If you are local to Colchester than this is definitely worth a visit. I would try and plan your visit around quiet times due to the challenge of some of the holes and with their potentially being a build up of other players behind you don't want to feel too pressured.

We went home smiling...me especially as I won the golf, and with full tummies.

Thank you for the invite Mighty Claws, and particularly for the amazing customer service all round.


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