Slow Cooked Pulled Pork in Dr Pepper

Pulled Pork, although not a brand new concept, seems to be all the rage at the moment. I wasn't really caught up in it or bothered by it, being perfectly happy with a good ol' pork chop.
But, curiosity got the better of me, especially as I wanted to mix up the meals we have at home, and I found a recipe which involved the pork being cooked in Dr Pepper. It seemed a little bizarre as I'd seen it cooked in coke or in orange juice before but never Dr Pepper.
The recipe seemed easy enough. Dr Pepper, Pork, BBQ sauce. Done. No water, no other liquids.
So, I thought 'Dr Pepper, What's the worst that can happen?' (applauding myself for that one) and placed it all on our grocery order.

I wanted to mix it up a little so added a few more ingredients.
It was delicious and I first served it in Taco's with salad and Basmati rice mixed with a little mango and lime dressing.
There was enough left over to then fill two pitta breads, again with salad and two rolls.
It was so versitile and as good cold as it was hot!
This will definitely be a regular on our weekly meal planner now.


Dr Pepper 12floz
Pork joint
Red onion
Half a white onion
2 cloves of garlic
Barbecue sauce

Slice the onions into thin strips. Place in the slow cooker along with two cloves of garlic, sliced, and the Dr Pepper.
Add the pork to the slow cooker, with the fat and string remaining.
Cook on high for 5-6 hours, then remove the pork from the pot, and transfer into a bowl, leaving the juice and onions in the slow cooker . Carefully remove the string and the fat. Take two forks and shred the pork until there are no large chunks left. Add as much barbecue sauce as you would like to suit your taste and mix thoroughly.
Then, place back into the slow cooker with the juices and onions and cook again for 2 hours.
By this time the pork should have soaked up the majority of the juice and will be ready to serve.


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