Five Things | Being a Twin

I'm currently on a mini twinnie break at the Isle of Man with my brother. To mark the occassion I thought I would base my Five Things on being a twin.
I'm not going to lie. It's Tuesday as I write this and I'm sat in the hotel and need to sleep so it is rushed. But you get the jist ;-)


I love being a twin. It makes me feel special, it makes me feel important, and it makes me feel proud.
I love telling people, when asked if I have any brothers or sisters, that I have a brother. And when they ask me if he is older or younger than me I simply reply "younger, by 4 minutes". I love that answer. It is either met with silence whilst people work it out, with a giggle or with a "ooooo are you twins?".
People also seem to automatically assume that I have a twin sister, and that my brother has a twin brother. We both get asked, seperately of course, "are you and your twin identical?". 

Conversation Starter

I asked my brother what he thinks is cool about being a twin and this was one of the things on his list. It is true, being a twin is a conversation starter and people do tend to ask questions about it, like do we know when the other is ill and stuff. This is the same for our mum too, it is a conversation starter for her as people can be fascinated knowing what it was like to grow and birth twins.

Sharing Celebrations

I love the fact that I get to celebrate my birthday ever year with my twin. I guess it helps that I think so highly of him, but it's also nice to reach milestones together such as starting school, exams, leaving school and so on.

The Bond

I would say I do have a close bond with my twin. I wouldn't claim that our bond is closer than other siblings. However, there is something super special about knowing that we grew together and that I suppose we are always at the same stage in life, despite going in different directions.

The Morbid Bit

This is horrid I know but it is a big part of being a twin and I can't ignore it because it is a strong feeling for me.
I would feel incredibly selfish if I was to outlive my brother. I've already been on this earth 4 minutes longer than him, and although 4 minutes really isn't much, it does feel like it to me.
I would never make a pact to end it together, or if one was to....you know, then the other one has to...you know.
But personally, I could never imagine living without him here. It would seem too unfair and not how the plan should go.

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