Life Experiences | Tomorrow and Saying Yes

Tomorrow I am going to the Isle of Man. I've never been there before and from Googling and seeing videos on Youtube I am SUPER excited as it looks so beautiful.
The only thing is, I am going to watch motorbikes. Motorbikes! I don't really like or have any feelings about motorbikes.
To me, motorbikes = speed = danger.
However, my brother is passionate about them and when he asked if I wanted to go along with him for a few days it seemed silly to say no.
I didn't say an instant yes though. I tried to think of excuses, and in all honesty I didn't think it was doable what with the school run and preschool run, uniforms to be sorted, swimming lessons and general being a wife and mum stuff.
I'm really lucky in that my mum is so supportive and helpful and has booked some days off work to help out.
I tried to use my anxiety excuse but my brother reassured me that it would be ok, and that he would be there for me. And I trust him with my life and know he wouldn't put me in danger.
There was the flight, and at the moment it's the main thing causing me stress. But I reminded myself that people fly solo every day, and there will be enough people at the airport to help me if I get anxious, or can't work out where I need to go or what I need to do.

There was the money thing of course too. Flight money, and then spending money, when you are a stay at home mum with a limited treat income, but a loan from the bank of mum came in and saved me (which I am so so so grateful for. I really am a lucky girl).
And the fact that my brother was excited, and he wanted me there. I still say he was joking and is now kicking himself saying "Sh!t, I thought she would say no". Recieving Whatapp messages asking if I'd booked my flights and telling me to "just book them already" gave me that push to get on with it.

The build up to it has been wonderful. Planning our days, and watching Youtube videos of the races as well as tour guide style videos of the island has helped to create an image of what it might be like.

I've promised that I am going to have the best experience I can. And that means doing everything my brother suggests we do. No saying no.
I'm ready for the unpredictable weather. I'm ready for disturbed sleep. I'm ready for unhygenic toilets, limited shower time and washing facilities. The only thing I am not ready for is a likely bad hair day...it's too short to put in a pony tail now so I can't handle a bad hair day at all!
Most of all, I am ready to be so overwhelmed with emotions and adrenaline that I spend most of the time crying.


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