Five Things | Saying Yes

I've always been a bit of a wimp, and quite boring really. I turn down nights out thinking I should stay at home with my family. I don't really think of me and what would be good for me. And as you may know, this year I decided to prioritise myself and do things to improve myself, and to give myself more experiences.
Saying yes has become a big thing for me, even if I really want to just scream "NO!!"

From going out, spending time with friends and actually having a social life, going on holiday to Somerset where I drove, going on the back of my brothers motorbike and next week flying on my own and meeting my brother at the Isle of Man and having a break with him for 5 days, it's made me feel a bit better about myself. I bit stronger. And positively disconnected from my family and that family life, igniting this independence which is making me a better person.

The words below describe perfectly how I feel about saying yes, and about my life and decisions at the moment. I love them all.

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