Cheddar Gorge

One of my favourite places in Somerset is Cheddar. I think it's so beautiful and it's one of those places I could spend hours visiting. Either walking along admiring the gorge, or walking in and out, and back in, and back out of the lovely little shops, drooling over cheese and cider.

When we visited Somerset last week we planned a day out at Cheddar, which was exciting enough but what made it even better was that my two aunties and my uncle were joining us. Whenever we visit Somerset we have a few days out with one of my aunties, but the other we tend to see for dinner or will spend a Sunday afternoon with. So going out with her, and my uncle, was such a treat.
We sat down for a drink and a scone outside enjoying the beautiful sun and I felt a mixture of emotions. I was so happy to be there with my aunty and uncle and it almost felt quite surreal. I kept getting butterflies and getting a bit teary (thank goodness for dark sunglasses). At the same time I felt sad because I knew that it would be a while until we got to have a day like this again, and that it's not a regular thing we can enjoy.
I adore my aunty and feel disappointed that I don't really get to see her much or spend quality time with her.

After our drinks and a light snack we looked around the shops some more. We bought some gifts for people, and had gifts bought for us which was rather lovely. My aunty bought a cup of mulled cider and shared some of it with me, as did my mum. Oh hello proper Somerset cider, mulled to perfection...I was winning at life right there! And my other aunty bought me a lovely make up bag and a carton of mulled cider to warm up at home. Again....winning at life!

We even went in a Christmas shop! OH YES! Cheddar, as if I didn't love you enough already!

We were so lucky with the weather and after our long walk back to the car as we walked up the gorge I was quite sad to be going back to the barn.
We'd had such a lovely day and I feel this odd feeling with Cheddar. Like a piece of my heart is there. I know it sounds weird but it really is one of my most favourite places in the UK.


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