Somerset: Instragrammed

When we went to Somerset I wanted to share some of what we were doing on Instagram. It was kind of a contradiction to my earlier post "Don't Tell the Internet"...however, this was slightly different to our holiday in Cyprus where internet access was limited and I really wanted to switch off.
For me, Somerset is like a home away from home I suppose. There's something about it that feels so comforting and I felt that as long as I wasn't interrupting family time, or neglecting anyone, or sitting on my phone when we were entertaining or being entertained then I was free to Instagram the odd photo.

We had quite a busy week seeing family, going on days out and so on so it's nice to look at these photos because they show a moment when I was able to rest and to take in what we were doing, or how I was feeling.
The fact that there are a lack of "days out" photos makes me quite proud really because it shows that I was able to withdraw and to not constantly take photos to share with strangers on the internet, and instead was able to enjoy the time I was spending with my family.

"First Five Guys OMG!"

"I am staying here forever. Charles is being brave and is in his own room until @dalecross29 joins us on Monday. That means I get the double bed all to myself for 3 nights. #winning. This is such a beautiful room and it's SO peaceful"

"Loving life!"

"Cath's Christmas PJ bottoms. #winning"

 "My aunty brought us a lemon cake and I'm finishing off yesterdays champagne. Cheers!"


"When in Somerset...."



 "I am a happy girl right now"

 "This cider is so good. Reason #278 of why I love Somerset"

"Flight path"

 "New make up bag"

 "Cider. Somerset. Sibling. Sun. #winning"

"I don't want to get up"

"Laptop time"

 "Safety first!"


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