Lowestoft to London with Greater Anglia Trains

I've never understood why anyone who lives in the same town as me, or in this area, would drive to London. In fact I struggle to understand a lot of journeys we make around here when we can go by train instead.
Any trip I've gone on to London has always been via train, either when going to an event or a day out in London itself or if it is on the way to Paris or Disneyland.
I guess we are quite spoilt in my town as we have 3 train stations which are easily accessible and can take us either to Norwich or to Ipswich, and then onto a variety of other towns and cities.

Greater Anglia invited us to take a trip on their trains to any destination of our choice. This was a massive task for me with so many places to choose, and the boys weren't much help either.
In the end we chose London. I haven't been there with the boys for quite a few years now and this seemed like a good excuse to go.

We got the train from Oulton Broad North which would then take us to Norwich, and then we would change to get to London Liverpool Street.
Our original planned train to Liverpool Street was cancelled but we were kept informed as to when the next train would be. This gave us enough time to pop and get some snacks, a coffee and have a toilet trip.

Without sounding like a snob, I usually travel First Class when going to London so was interested to see what Standard Class would be like.
With plenty of leg room, quite large seats and trays in front it was better than travelling on a cramped air plane! I was also surprised at the cart service as we were offered tea, coffee and other refreshments. We all had a cup of tea which cost £8 for 4 which I thought was really reasonable..and it was decent tasting too!

Despite the delay due to the cancelled train we got to London in really good time. I live Liverpool Street station as I find the location is great and the station is really easy to manoeuvre.
I had no concerns over getting the train from Lowestoft to London, or back again, and was more concerned over the tube. Which was super easy as all we needed to do was get the circle line!

We ended up spending a few hours at the Natural History Museum and then went to the Science Museum.
We also spent some time walking and looking at some of the buildings in South Kensington which are so beautiful! I think I could easily spend the day walking around London looking at the buildings and architecture.

Coming home was simple too. We got a train from London Liverpool Street, to Norwich and then Norwich to Oulton Broad. The train home was a little more busy, and I can't help but to get frustrated at people putting their bag on a window seat and then sitting on the aisle seat, meaning we struggled to find a seat for part of the journey to Norwich.
There was a 15 minute delay with getting to Norwich, meaning we could have missed our connection back to Lowestoft, however the Lowestoft train waited for any passengers on the London train which we obviously really appreciated.

With no worrying about traffic, cost of petrol, cost of parking and finding somewhere to park, travelling by train is not only comfortable, it's also incredibly convenient. I definitely wouldn't travel to London any other way.

We were given complimentary travel tickets for the purpose of this post. All words are honest and my own.

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