Beachy Head

A few weekends ago I spent a night down in Eastbourne. Travelling down after work and staying in an apartment on the Saturday night, the Sunday was then a day to have a look around and explore the area.
After a morning walking along the Eastbourne beach we then went to Beachy Head.

I knew I'd heard of Beachy Head before, and I knew it wasn't for good reasons. So I didn't really want to Google it beforehand.
The image I had in my head of it wasn't a great one but as I had been told it was beautiful I thought I would give it the benefit of the doubt and go along.

Well. I couldn't have been more wrong.

If you aren't familiar with why Beachy Head is notorious then that's not a bad thing really.
Due to the high cliff edge this area is known for the suicides that take place.
There are approximately 20 deaths a year at this site, however after just researching 10 bodies were found last year in just 2 weeks, so it wouldn't surprise me if the figure of 20 is actually a lot higher.

This was such a beautiful place to visit, despite what it is notorious for, and the views were just incredible.

I thought that visiting would make me feel really down, depressed and that the atmosphere of such a place where life ends so tragically would be dark and thick, but it wasn't like that at all.

Because of my faith I love to breathe and really take in the air and atmosphere and everything else about new places, old buildings, open spaces and so on. And here just felt the complete opposite of what I had expected.
The air felt light. There was no overwhelming feeling of darkness or sadness, and maybe we were lucky because the sun was shining and if it was a cloudy day it would have been different but I truly feel that it would still feel the same.

Of course there was sadness as you walk along and spot flowers in the rabbit holes, bunches tied up on the small wire fence with blank notes where the weather had eroded the writing away.
But I could have sat here for hours. Just looking out to sea, looking over the cliff, breathing in the air and thinking about life, and to give respect to those who felt they had no choice but to end theirs here.


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