Galmisdale Bay Cafe and Bar

The Galmisdale Bay Cafe and Bar is at the Harbour area on the Isle of Eigg. 
We were quite good with not wanting to spend money unnecessarily on meals out and tried to cook and eat at the tent when we could. 
We treated ourselves to a meal when we were on the Isle of Canna, and so decided to do the same on the Isle of Eigg. We'd already visited twice for breakfast, having a black pudding and sausage bap both times (which I cut and repositioned on the plate to almost be like black pudding and sausage "on toast" so I could make the most of every delicious bite!) we knew the dinner menu and food must be just as good.

We had to book a table as it's only a small cafe and we'd booked for 7pm. We walked up and walked around a bit first. The weather was a little drizzly, windy and grey but it was still a lovely place to walk around. You know those places where it's beautiful no matter what the weather? This is just like that.

I went for a pint of Guinness, mackerel salad to start, and then mussels for the main. 
OH MY GOODNESS! There were so many mussels and the homemade chips were incredible. 
It was one of the best meals I have ever had. Which was good because really they don't have to try that hard and be that good as they have no competition.

We didn't go for dessert had we had cake in the tent, and were both really full, so we paid and then went for another little walk, with our Eigg resident tour guide with us. It was such a lovely evening. 

If you ever visit Eigg it is definitely worth treating yourself to breakfast and an evening meal at the Galmisdale Bay Cafe and Bar


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