Singing Sands | Isle of Eigg

On the Isle of Eigg I really wanted to visit the Singing Sands. Doing my research before going I saw a lot about the Singing Sands so thought it was worth a visit.

You can get "The Green Bus" which drives you up to the Singing Sands and bring you back. You could either do it as a single journey (making your own way back) or as a return journey.

I took the return journey option...and after the journey to the drop off point I glad to have gone for the return trip. The island is hilly and it would have been a tough walk back.

I got to the drop off point and then walked up the lane and over a couple of fields until I reached the cliff side. Making my way down the sandy path down the side and then over the wooden steps to reach the singing sands, I couldn't help but to admire the view and how beautiful the scenery was. It was hard not to, basically the whole of the island is stunning...everywhere you go there are beautiful views.

I didn't quite know what to expect from the "singing" aspect of the name. But basically, as you walk along the sand it makes a sort of squeaking sound...like wet flip flops around a swimming pool.
I spent around an hour and a half walking along the beach. Literally everywhere you go on the island you will see sheep and it was no different on the beach.
I loved walking along to the cliff edge looking at the rocks and especially appreciated the T-Rex shaped rock that someone had added small rocks to to make teeth.

The neighbouring island of Rum was just over the water, clear to see despite the mist and fog which was hanging around.

If the weather was nicer, or if I ever go back and the weather was as warm as it was other days, it would definitely be a beach I would sit on all day, and I would love to have been able to go for a paddle and swim in the sea.

I eventually walked back over the wooden steps, up the hill and back onto the fields at the top...trying to work out how to get to the cafe the Green Bus driver had said he would pick us up at.
I walked across a lot of fields, eventually going back on myself a bit then walking along the lanes finding the little cafe which was simply the garden of a local lady and gentleman.
I ordered some tea and cake and waited for the bus to collect us.
As the bus arrived I looked forward to the journey back to the harbour...shattered and thankful I had got the return journey.


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