My Word for 2018

Although I've always liked the idea of having a certain word to live by and to influence your life and help guide you I'd never really managed to pin a word down really and felt I tried to hard.

Whilst writing other posts which revolve around looking back at this year and looking forward to next year one word kept jumping into my mind and I gathered it was for a reason. 

That word is...

It is safe, and somewhat shameful, to say that the last year or so I have been incredibly lazy. I have buried my head in the sand about a lot of things and let my life, my surroundings and everything else get a bit messy.
I have no real routine in any area of my life and I think that it not only affects how I live but obviously affects the boys too.

And I need to change that.

So my word and my focus for this year is going to be routine.
To start I am going to have a massive declutter and sort out in my house. I feel this way I will be able to keep up with a simple and easy cleaning routine and won't let everything build up as it does right now.

I don't use my time wisely or make full use of my time at all, I put things off and small jobs become bigger and bigger until it almost becomes unmanageable. And lets face it, people manage to keep houses clean and tidy easily so I am seriously lacking in house and life management.

It's now the 17th of January and so far I have failed at this word. 
My house is at the unmanageable phase....which is great seeing as I have a house inspection today and now have to have a mad panic tidy. 

However, yesterday I did a big food shop. Rather than a grocery order online I went to the supermarket and made sure I really shopped around. I do find that I spend less most of the time when I actually go to a supermarket...this isn't always the case but I had a clear idea of what I needed and for the first time in two years I actually have cupboards full of essentials and a freezer full of essentials too. 
I love having things in that I can just throw into a pan and make a quick, healthy dinner and for so long I haven't done that. Instead opting for takeaway. 
I think doing my shopping how I have will help me to stay on top of meal plans and to cook my own meals, and to continue having big food shops rather than the odd food shop every night.

Today I will tackle my bedroom and I am determined to stay on top of it. I will have a full declutter, throwing away unnecessary crap that I really don't need.

Cleaning and tidying is probably top of my list to sort and I will set myself the promise of putting together a cleaning plan. 

I also want to set myself a routine when it comes to mediation, doing my Oracle cards and looking after myself. 
The gym has completely gone on the back burner recently....which is awful to be honest.

If I arrange my life a little better I will create more time to blog, read and generally live a better life.

I don't want to put too much pressure on myself, but I do know I am lazy and I do need to change my ways. 


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