Dear 2018

I wrote a post titled this in 2016 and then failed to do one for 2017 which was a little frustrating as I had it sat, unfinished, in drafts for quite a while.

I sat down to write this post a few times, but didn't get anywhere. Clearly not in the right frame of mind.
Today I sat and opened my laptop and knew what to write, a clear vision. As I think forward to the year I know it will be different to the last two. -

I found that instead of thinking of particular aspects of the year I had words that came into mind, and these helped me to focus on how I want my year to be, and my expectations of you.

I want you to give me the most amazing, beautiful memories. Memories that I can share with my children, my mother, my brother, my best friend.
Memories full of love, laughter, happiness and smiles.
I have these ideas and expectations of the year and I would love for them to become a reality.

I want to have the strength to continue becoming the best version of myself. Over the last few years I am learning to put myself first in certain situations. Other people will always be my priority, because that is the kind of person I am, however I am learning too that I also deserve to be a priority.

I feel like I am seeing the year in with a new found confidence and clearer vision for who and what I believe in.
When it comes to religion I feel some are easier to be open about due to understanding. Being a spiritual person and believing in Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, believing there are people around me at all times, in having people who I don't know coming through to me. Believing in Oracle Cards and how they are beneficial to me in life right now and going forward.
I want the strength to be confident with my religion and with my beliefs.
To continue my growth and to build my knowledge on my current beliefs and seeing which areas of other religions I can bring in to make me live the best life I can.

2018, I want to have faith in every area of my life. To no longer doubt certain aspects, certain decisions, people and most importantly....myself.
I want to have faith in all of that.
I know right now that I am so much better than I ever have been. I am stronger, more trusting and have a lot more determination than ever to do life right.

I know that having that special someone enter my life last year planted that seed of having faith in everything and for that I am grateful.

So 2018, please give me the strength, growth, confidence and knowledge to have faith in myself and in my life. And to have faith in the year. And to make the best memories I can for myself and my family.

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