The Girl Who Hated Tattoos

I've been thinking for a while about starting a little series on here about my tattoos. Whether or not anyone is interested.
But I put it off for so long.
It's almost been 2 years since I got my first tattoos and even back then I wanted to write about them but felt like a fraud.
"Three tiny tattoos does not make you a tattoo expert" I thought and put it off.
Now...here I am with half a sleeve and with work started on the top. A thigh tattoo, a finger tattoo and plans for lots more.

I went to Hayley, always my blog voice of reason, and asked if she felt I was "qualified" enough to even write about my tattoos. Probably worth pointing out that Hayley does call me a "painted lady".

I realised that if I am comfortable and confident to wear my tattoos, then I should be comfortable and confident enough to write about them.

I take pride in my tattoos, and my choices.
Ok, I've already had a cover up however that was down to a poor tattooist and thankfully a new one who is an absolute star and was able to cover up my "shit birds" and basically move them elsewhere.

Mentally, it has taken a lot for me to get to the point where I want to talk about my tattoos.
In all honesty, Instagram has helped. When I post a photo of a new tattoo I get support and confirmation, I guess, that they are ok.

People have their own opinions about tattoos, and as with breastfeeding, have no problem in letting you know their opinion...invited or not!
And I tend to focus on the negative comments I've heard. And I let them take over my head too much, not in a way that I let it regret my choices, but more that it made me want to hide my tattoos away. To not talk about them.

I was at another appointment recently and as I sat and talked about my tattoos I realised how proud I should be of them. How I had a story behind each and every one.
How nothing was "because I like it" or "because it's fashionable at the moment".
Everything has a reason behind it.

I want to feel proud of how I've chosen each tattoo and to share my experiences.
I need to realise that I am qualified to talk about it and to give advice because, even though it's been a short time and I am slightly (a lot) addicted, I have been through it and so far, have no regrets and no tattoos that I am not happy with.
I have certain rules and plans when it comes to finding a tattoo I like and I want to share those ideas.

And also, I want other women to not feel ugly because they choose to have tattoos.
To not feel like they are any less attractive than anyone else.
Because that is how I was made to feel.
And over time, I've realised that it doesn't make me any less attractive.
They don't change who I am inside. They don't change me as a person.
They are simply marks on my skin.
That make me feel beautiful and so much more.

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