Castletown #TT2015

I know right, surely the hashtag on this title is wrong? Surely that should say 2016?
Well no. Little Miss Lazy Pants here just became so overwhelmed with life last year that I didn't get round to posting about all the beautiful places we went.
One of my total favourites, and one we didn't manage to visit again this year, was Castletown.

Jumping on the back of my brothers bike I always put my trust in him to take us somewhere cool. He has this fantastic knowledge of the island and never wants to waste a day. We'll pull up somewhere, I'll pause and say "Off?" and he'll park the bike up and we discover wherever it is we just landed.
Castletown was one of those places. I immediately fell in love with the quayside/dock area. It was kind of eerie as it was so quiet and almost felt deserted.

We went for a short walk by the water, walking around the corner by some cute cottages and then towards the sea wall.
Being the wimp that I am I couldn't get onto the sea wall, however, my brother could and I will always love the photos I took of him up there.
We stood/sat for a while, just watching the sea roll in and crash against the rocks. All that was missing was a pint (and one/both of the Dunlop brothers) and it would have been even more perfect.


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