She sat on her bed, small goosebumps covering her body due to the slight chill in the air.
One cat stretched out in front of her, laying on her foot, purring away due to the content of being in her company. The other, sat at the bottom of the bed, curled up, asleep, but with his head raised as if he was still listening out so he didn't miss out on cuddles and strokes.
They are her company. It is them who stay by her side when the house is silent.

After a productive start to the morning of "getting shit done" she earned herself an hour long soak in the bath. One of those soaks where the water temperature starts to dip as if to say "your time is up", but instead you add hot water every now and then just to give yourself some extra time. 
On the bed, she put her head in her hands, and as she felt a drip on her arm she sat and wondered where that drip came from. Her eyes, or her freshly washed, but not yet dried, hair?
More fell, a mixture of both warm tears and now cold wet hair.

Why was she crying? She didn't know.
Sometimes, it just happens. A build up of pressure, expectations, recent experience, current issues and future obstacles. And then it all explodes and these tears just appear before you have any control to stop them from falling.

"I'm crying again" she thought frustratingly to herself. She didn't see how she had any tears left. But at the same time she knew better than to shut them off and to deny them. So she let them fall, and within a few minutes they were clear, for now.
Her mind felt a little more empty, her eyes a little sore but washed clean from those warm tears, and as she gathered herself together to get ready for the day ahead she decided to not think about those tears again.
They were normal, part of her everyday life. But they didn't have to be seen as a negative thing, she told herself. These tears are created due to the fights and battles in her life, not all bad ones, but it all builds up. There's only so much room in her head and daily it seems like it is overflowing, more often than not on negative things, and tears release that.
They make her feel better.

They cleanse her mind.
They cleanse her eyes.
They make life a little easier.

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