The Island That Changed Me

I'm sat at Manchester airport...which FYI I have already decided I hate despite this being my first visit and having only been here 10 minutes.
The first flight of my journey is done, and I'm in the departure area waiting to board the next Flybe flight to the Isle of Man.

I can't believe this day is here already.
For a year I have looked forward to returning to this island. 
To the island that I fell in love with and the island that set me on the path I am now on.

Last year I wasn't too bothered about seeing the bikes. I just wanted to spend a few days with my brother. And then the first bike went past and that was it.
It hit me and soaked through my skin into my blood and now, I am returning, not just for my brother but for the bikes.

But still, it's more than that. It's more than the sport, more than the atmosphere, more than the experience.

This island changed me. 
This island made me into the person I am becoming. 
I don't want to say the person that I am because I still feel there is a lot of change to come but this island was the making of me.

And returning, I feel like I was to lay on the ground as soon as I land, spreading my arms out wide and thank it for what it did to me. 
What it has done to me. 
What it continues to do.

People struggle to understand my obsession.
The fact that I had the logo from the island flag tattooed on my thigh surrounded by 15 stars.
The logo to symbolise my change, my growth, and because the motto "whichever way you throw me I shall stand" seems super relevant.
The 15 stars to symbolise 2015. My year of change.

In an hour and a half I will be there.
I will be in my brothers arms, trying not to cry. 

And will be listening to that comforting sound of bikes all around the island.
Part of me is excited, part of me is scared, part of me is questioning who I will now become.
This intense feeling from "just an island".

The island that changed me.
And continues to change me.


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