It's Hard

It's hard being second best.
It's hard being a second thought.
It's hard being the one people forget about.
It's hard being the one no one is proud of.
It's hard being the one people don't praise so much.
It's hard being pushed aside.
It's hard when your ideas are forgotten or stopped.
It's hard when all you hear is about how great everyone else is doing, but when it comes to you, no one knows what it is you do or that you've done.
It's hard when you make an effort, and when it's not recognised.
It's hard when you feel exhausted at how hard you've tried to show you don't think you are any better than anyone else.
It's hard when that's ignored.
It's hard being the one who no one takes seriously.
It's hard being the one who is a constant maybe.
It's hard being the one who everyone shuts away.
It's hard not having your feelings taken into consideration.
It's hard not being taken seriously.
It's hard then having to cope with that moment that it becomes too much and you snap at people you don't want to snap at.
It's hard when you get to that point when you snap and you think that maybe, just maybe, finally someone will take you seriously but instead...they laugh at you.

It's hard having to pretend to be ok.
It's hard to be laughed at if you cry.
It's hard having to paint on a smile.
It's hard to be around people.
It's hard.
When all you want to do is hide away.
When all you want to do is find people who actually care.
It's hard.
It's really really hard.


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