A Feast With Friends

It seems odd to me that this time last year a social life was pretty much non-existent. I never went out with friends. I couldn't tell you the last night out I had...
And then I met Christine. I truly believe that there are people in life you are meant to meet. Like you need them, or they need you, or you need each other in some kind of way.
Our friendship is ridiculous, wonderful and hyper and I couldn't live without it....in fact as I write this it's been 3 days since we've seen each other and that's the longest we've gone for a while!

I think one of the best things about our friendship, for me, is that Christine has given me a social life. She introduced me to a coffee shop that I was aware about anyway but had never visited, and now it is "my local". But better than that, I am now good friends with the owner and the staff. And it's nice. Really nice. It's nice that not only do me and Christine have our close friendship, but we have other people to share that with too.

On Saturday I was invited to a BBQ at the coffee shop. Two weeks before this we had enjoyed a girls night out in on of the pubs nearby...what should have been a couple of drinks to enjoy the band became a late nighter, resulting in me falling over three times and us eating pizzas, burgers, chips and wedges back in the coffee shop afterwards. So I knew Saturday night would have been fun, although didn't want it to be as eventful as the Saturday night two weeks previous.

I almost didn't go. Not only was I tired after taking part in the Run or Dye Festival that morning and having to get up early to travel there, which wasn't fun when I was tired and it was raining. I'm surprised Christine didn't slap me for being so grumpy!
I messaged Christine and told her I would stay at home but she convinced me to go. The boys had gone camping and I said to take my car and walked to the coffee shop...via Tesco of course to grab a bottle of Prosecco, much needed to celebrate a few achievements this month!

Well, Christine was right to convince me to go. I had the most fantastic night. I think sometimes, those nights where you sit and just socialise with a group of people, sharing bottles of wine and being served the most delicious food. Seriously, this woman is super talented. Just look below at that bread.

I got home feeling really content. Obviously headed straight to Facebook and posted this:
Things I learnt tonight:
Friendship doesn't depend on....
Great group of friends, fab food and nice drink.
Cheers and good night x

I can't help but to feel insecure and to wonder why I was invited, and to be paranoid about annoying people. But pushing that aside, I feel very lucky to have those friends, and to have evenings like that. 
And to think, I used to think socialising wasn't important. It really really is.


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