Life Experiences | The Motorway

I know this is an odd thing to count as a big life experience. Living where we do, and only driving around Norfolk and Suffolk doesn't involve us driving on a motorway, a three lane dual-carriage way yes but not a motorway.
The decision to drive to Somerset for our holiday this year was therefore a pretty big one. It would be a long journey, and it would mean driving on the M25, M4 and M5.
Although it was a big decision it wasn't one that took long to make. People drive on motorways all the time, I'm a confident driver, I enjoy driving so there wasn't really much holding me back.

People seem to have different opinions over driving on the motorway. Some were very much "You'll love it. There's nothing to it" and then there were the other who have clearly had nothing but bad experiences and would continue to tell me how much they hate it and how stressful it is etc.
But on the day I was really quite excited. I couldn't wait to get off the A12 and to finally be on the M25, I suppose it kind of felt like our holiday had truly begun once we were off our "local road" and onto this big motorway.

It was really quite simple. And I ended up feeling a bit "meh" about it, mainly due to what people had said. I enjoyed it. And I was glad I did it, but there was no difference really to normal roads. Any hold ups were dealt with quickly, or as quick as possible, there was the odd queue and traffic restriction but these occur on A roads and B roads too.
The M4 and M5 were horrid and so slow, but I didn't see any point in stressing over something I couldn't control. Getting stressed and worked up would only make it worse and it was pointless.

Coming home was a bit awkward because the Sat Nav sent us a completely different way to the way we first travelled. And instead of sending us via Colchester it sent us via Cambridge. Although, in the end this worked out really well as I know the roads around there and could switch the Sat Nav off and everyone could relax.

The worst thing about the journey was having a 3 year old who needed the toilet ALL.THE.TIME. It did involve a quick hard shoulder stop, which I know is naughty but was totally essential.

The best thing though, was sitting in the garden of the barn looking over at the car, and looking at my family and knowing that we made it there because of my driving. There was a real sense of achievement and responsibility in being that person.
Again next year please!


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