Five Things | Kate Winslet

I think it's really important in life that we have realistic role models. I think it's totally acceptable, as a woman or as a man, to have someone who inspires you and who you look up to when it comes to body image.
It seems to be a big thing in the media. Body image. Personally, I can ignore it. I can ignore those magazines with pictures on the front showing how so-and-so has lost 1 stone in a day or how whats-her-face has put on a stone in an hour and really shouldn't be running towards the camera because it shows a couple of dimples in her legs. The latter celebrity will probably be the one on the cover the following week having lost a stone in a day as a result of the "OMG SO UNFLATTERING" photo she saw of herself in the press the week before.
Seriously, bore me later.
It's all so predictable and we let it wind us up. Why? Because that's what they want. They want the attention, they want to feed our body hangups, and as a result we feed their despite to want to wind us up and create these issues that really, we don't care about until it's thrust into our faces.

I think we can sometimes look to the wrong people as role models, especially when it comes to body image. We aspire to look like someone who in reality we would never look like. We don't have the same body shape, face shape, hair or so on. But because our partners like them, or because they are top 100 of the FHM Most Sexiest Women list, we think that they are the women we must aspire to look like.
It would be ridiculous of me to aspire to look like Kelly Brook (who FYI, I do not see the fuss about), Michelle Keegan, Kendall Jenner because it is NEVER likely to happen.

For me, someone like Kate Winslet is a much better role model. Not only is she ageing really really well, but she is beautiful, curvy, looks great with or without make up, and is confident in her skin.
I think there are so many celebrities and "celebrities" out there who try far too hard with the whole "sexy" thing. Yet for me, Kate Winslet does it effortlessly. It's not what she is about. She doesn't rely on being sexy, or being beautiful or on having this perfect body image to have people respect her or look up to her.
And her being realistic, and being "normal", having this achievable figure, look and attitude is sexier than a woman who has to stick on a bikini and pose in men's magazines to get by in life.

Here are five Kate Winslet quotes...tell me you don't love her after reading them...I won't believe you.


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