Easter Weekend in 5

I feel so lucky to be staying in this barn. I know I am a bore for going on about it so much , and but it is such a beautiful place to stay and is so much better than I imagined.
When we looked online the photos made it look small and a little bit dated and the lack of bath and just a shower worried me a little, more because of the boys but also because I much prefer a bath to a shower and expected it to be a bit small and, well, rubbish really. We had a problem with it not producing hot water, or even warm water so had to call out maintenance who called out a plumber and we ended up with a completely new shower. Anyway.
We were all pleasantly surprised. It's modern, a tardis, clean, and the shower room/toilet is really rather nice!
The garden is amazing, although small it wraps all the way around the house and is secluded so we are able to let the boys run around and play. I have taken to either sitting on the garden chair or laying on the grass under the tree.
I'm really going to struggle leaving here next Friday.

We visited Clevedon on Sunday morning. We were limited with time as we only had an hours parking, we were expecting family at the barn, and with it being Easter Sunday not a lot of places were open.
However, we were able to walk along the pier and pop onto the beach, as well as having a little look around as we drove having an explore.
It's definitely somewhere I want to return to.

On Saturday I made spaghetti bolognese with my aunty and Sunday was all about the roast. The roast was made by my mum, with my aunty as helper. I made some stuffing balls, which I always make at Christmas, but because my aunty is such a great cook I felt so much pressure. Not from her, pressure I was putting on myself as I wanted to impress her. I made red onion and cranberry ones as we were having turkey.
I was pleased with how they came out, although I didn't quite manage to get a photo of them at that stage...just the "before" stage.
I think they went down well. 

I put on my very first Easter Egg Hunt for the boys. With the garden wrapping itself around the house there are plenty of hiding places, although they found the eggs quicker than I thought!
They had 9 plastic eggs to find first, which I had filled with two chocolates. They also had to find 5 eggs on sticks to win a big Cadburys Creme Egg Easter Egg pack.
They won all of the eggs and managed to find the pretty eggs on sticks too.
With so much chocolate left I think we might do another hunt later on in the week too as this one was such a success.

Monday was probably the best day of the Easter weekend. My Aunty came round and got in the car with us and we drove to Cheddar. After eventually finding a parking space we walked down the gorge, popping into the shops as we went.
Once we got to the bottom we met up with my other aunty and uncle and all just had a lovely time together. We went into the shops nearby, buying presents for people and each other.
We all ended up back at the barn and my aunty cooked us all an amazing gammon dinner.
We were later joined by my brother who is also staying until Friday! Good times!


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