Clevedon and a Broadchurch Geek Out

One place I really wanted to visit on holiday was Clevedon. It's not somewhere we've visited before and I think it's nice to not only revisit old places but to visit new places too.
I'd heard of Clevedon before and after researching it online I noticed it was one of the filming locations for Broadchurch. Because of this I knew my mum would be eagar to visit too.

It was only a 10 minute drive from our barn so on Sunday morning, with a morning spare before family arrived for dinner, and nice weather we decided to make a quick trip out.
We soon found a free parking space and walked to the pier, admired the view, and then paid £5 (for a family ticket) to walk along the pier. £5 might seem a bit rude when there isn't actually anything to do on the pier, however the view was just wonderful. We walked right to the end and could see Wales and sail boats in the distance.

We walked back along the pier, amazed at how beautiful it was. I loved reading the personal plaques screwed into the back of the wooden benches. Although some made me feel really quite emotional, especially when I spotted two white roses near some plaques.

We then popped down onto the beach where the boys threw stones into the water and again we admired the beautiful view. The beach was covered in stones and a ridiculous amount of seaweed. The water was so muddy, and the rocks and stones were all covered in the muddy stuff and looked quite slippery!

We couldn't visit Clevedon without having a Broadchurch geek out. I struggled to find a few of the places so hope to go back and have a clear route of where I am going. We managed to park up and as we started to drive away we realised we were parked close to the newsagents from the programme. I quickly pulled over and ran over to take a photo.
Finding the church and high street was a little more tricky and these will be the places we definitely go back to see.
This is the first time I've really geeked out over a film/tv location and it was a really beautiful place to have that first experience!


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