Living Arrows 2015 | 1/52

Last year I completed a photography project called Living Arrows. This year it has moved to Shutterflies and I am involved in the contributor post once again.
I really love this project, to the point that I feel kind of obsessed over it really.
When I was going over my favourites from last year I noticed that I had a few more of Harry than I did of Charles. It wasn't a conscious thing, it was just the way it happened.
So this year I thought for a while about having one photo included in the contributor post, and also one on my blog. Although it felt a little like I was defeating the whole point of being a contributor I also thought that actually, it gives me an excuse to get the camera out more.
This year I really want to push myself and try things out, and not be so lazy. So I am going to challenge myself more.

My plan is to take photos of each of the boys and post one on here and the other in the Living Arrows Contributor collection.
I'm hoping I don't get lazy and just stick to the one boy.

Living Arrows


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