Remember That, We Are Exactly The Same.

So you've been given opportunities. You are told daily how amazing you are.
You have people who adore you. People who want to be just like you.
You are successful, your are talented.
You have goals and aspirations, and will probably achieve them all.
You have people who are desperate to meet you. You have people who go all shy when they see you, they are so overwhelmed that they can't bring themselves to come over and say hi.
And, these things can go to your head. Of course they can, it's understandable. But sometimes you need to remember who you really are.

To some you are this person they want to be. They see you as being someone so superior. Above them. Someone they could never be.
But to others, you are that regular you. The person who shops at the same supermarket as everyone else.
The person who wakes up in the morning with their hair everywhere, maybe even with yesterdays make up on their face.
You go to the toilet, the same way we all do. You make coffee, or tea, the same as us.
You chew your food the same as us. You load your dishwasher, you do your laundry, all the same.

To some, this seems unbelievable. You show off this amazing persona. This person who is perfect. Life is light and fluffy. And easy. And nothing is ever out of place.
And despite having bad days you never show it. Which, you may not want to do, and that is fine. But when you started off that way, and then changed, it seems so wrong. Almost kind of fake.
Almost, almost like you don't know how to be you. Or that you don't even want to be you, you don't want to show off the real you, or accept that you are not this person people see you as.

Look in the mirror. Go on. And I will too.
What do you see?
Let's start looking straight ahead. Look into your eyes.
I have those too. Two of them, the same as you. Our eyes may be a different shape, a different colour, and may be framed with eyelashes longer or shorter than the other. One of us may frame our eyes with lots of make up, whereas the other may keep it simple, or natural. But still, we both have two eyes.
Study your face. That's something we both have. A face. We have a nose, a mouth, cheeks, a chin, two ears and hair upon our head.
These things, as with eyes, may be different in shape, size, or colour. But we still have them.

Now lets look at the bigger picture.

You may be shorter or taller than me. But we still stand on two legs, right? Two legs with two feet, ankles, knees, thighs, calf muscles. Toes.
A bottom, a chest, shoulders, a neck, a tummy, arms with elbows, wrists, hands with 10 fingers.
Our bodies are covered in skin. The skin may be blemished. May have scars, beauty spots, or other unique markings, and might be a different colour, but we all have skin.
Beneath this skin we have blood. We have organs, arteries, cells and bones. 
For most of us these organs all do the same job.
We have lungs we use to breathe, we are alive because of our hearts. Our blood pumps around our bodies the same, and we think with our brains.
Forget about sexuality, colour, religion, height, weight, or gender even. We are all the same.

So when you there, feeling superior, feeling that others are lucky to know you and that you are better than others and deserve more than them.
Remember, we all work hard, we are all talented, and we all deserve a chance. We all deserve to be treated the same.

Life is about chances, choices and luck.
And when you think that you are better than others, and more deserving, just remember, that we are all the same underneath it all. And that it doesn't mean we are below you, or that we are of a different class or ability to you. But maybe, just maybe, you made better choices, or were for whatever reason dealt a better hand, or maybe you were given a chance to prove yourself that, if given to others, would also prove and show their talent and ability too.

When you feel that way. When you find yourself looking down your nose at someone just go and look in the mirror. And remember, that beneath all of that, we are the same. Exactly the same.


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