Twinty Nine

For 29 years (and 9 months in the womb) I have spent my life with someone who was a wonderful boy and is now a wonderful man. We've had ups, downs, adventures and more. He is one of the most amazing people I know and I feel incredibly lucky that he is my brother. My twin brother.

I know the majority of people love their siblings, and I am one of those people.
I don't think I've ever had a real fight with my brother, or stayed mad at him for any longer than 24 hours.
He really is the best brother I could ever hope for and wish for and recently I've thanked my mum for not only having me, but for giving me not just a brother, but a twin brother.

I do feel like we have a special bond because we are twins. Not that it makes our relationship any more or less significant to any other Siblings relationship, but I like the fact that we grew together, and that 4 minutes after I wass born he clearly missed me so much and decided to join me again.

It's hard as an adult to be so far away from him. It's hard to not have your brother right there all the time, and for him to not be in the same town because sometimes, I just need to see him. For no reason at all. Even if it meant sitting in a room with him in silence whilst we both do whatever we do on our phones or laptops. Just being in his company is enough for me.

Not only is he an amazing brother, but he is also a superb uncle and I hope the boys appreciate him as much as I do.
Looking back at my childhood it makes me so so happy that I have lots of positive, happy memories because of him. Silly things that now we look back on and think "why was that even funny?!"

To my amazing twin brother. 

My life wouldn't be the same without you.

Happy 29th Birthday.

Thank you for being you. And being the best twin brother I could ever hope for.



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