On The Verge

My eyes tingle. A wave of emotion flows through my entire body. I feel uncomfortable.
My face prepares itself for the expressions about to follow.
The corners of my mouth turn down a little, my bottom lip comes out and quivers.
I try to distract myself. I try to think of something different.
I try to wonder why this is about to happen.
I can't stop it in time. I wouldn't have been able to at all.
I'm crying again.

A regular occurance now and something I'm just having to learn to live with. Crying over nothing. Crying over the smallest of things.
Just crying.
Crying because of happiness, crying because of sadness.
Crying because of a thought, crying because of an action, something I've read, something I've seen.
Something I've wanted, something I have, something I've lost.
Just crying.
Crying over nothing.
Simply just crying.

Always on the verge of tears. Like a ticking timebomb.


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