Mid Year 'Word for the Year' Update

A little update on how I’m doing with my word of the year. “Authentic”.

I’ve just got back from an amazing weekend away with my wonderful boyfriend. We went to Butlin’s in Bognor Regis for the 90’s Weekender. My boyfriend often calls me a 90’s girl…I still listen to 90’s music and one of my “quirks” (as he puts it) is still being a big fan of Right Said Fred (sadly they weren’t there).
I put so much pressure on myself about what I looked like and soon realised that no one cares and in fact, as long as you’re having fun no one should care.

🧡I wore a “Take me back to the 90s” tshirt, which I’d customised to be more of a 90s style.

🧡I danced however I wanted to.

🧡I screamed and cheered when a song came on that I love.

🧡I stood waiting for 45 minutes for 5ive to come on because I’d managed to get to the front.

🧡I wore a tshirt with a photo of me from the 90’s. Not just any photo, one of me with Right Said Fred. Along with a shell suit jacket and put my hair up in a 90’s style.

🧡Last night, despite being in our room and almost settled for bed. We decided to go out at 11:15pm to see Artful Dodger. We couldn’t be bothered to dress up so I went with my hair in a messy bun, no make up, cycling shorts and an oversized Spice Girls tshirt with DMs on my feet (accidentally dressing 90s). I’d also sobered up at this point so didn’t know what I’d be like when Artful Dodger were playing (for years I wouldn’t dance at all and my boyfriend has really given me the confidence to let myself go and be who I want to be). I surprised myself by non-stop dancing. It was INCREDIBLE! I screamed, cheered, danced, and just felt so free and happy.

But before all that, in the afternoon….
🧡I got up on stage and did karaoke with Barry from Eastenders! Again, thought I would have needed some Dutch Courage (which I didn’t need from alcohol as I managed to get my Dutch courage from my Dutch boyfriend who again, didn’t tell me to not do it in fear of me embarrassing us both). I sang “Spice Up Your Life” and he looked on so proud (I’ve watched the video back, Spice Up Your Life is not the right tone for my voice 🤣 but I did it anyway! It’s the second time I’ve done karaoke, the first being in May this year at my friends wedding singing “I’m Too Sexy”.

There are certain aspects of myself that I’m not keen on at the moment, but when I look back on this weekend I can see how far I have come in being comfortable with who I am. Dancing how I want. “Singing” in front of people. Wearing what I want to wear. Screaming and cheering (and laughing far too loud on the Waltzers).
I’m also super lucky that I have someone who cheers me on and encourages me to be who I am. Who is himself, unapologetically, and inspires me everyday 🧡

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