Low calorie crunchy potato salad [recipe]

With my diet I've been eating a lot of salads and boiled potatoes. I wanted to make it a little more exciting so decided to make a low calorie potato salad, just to add a little more flavour and to mix it up a bit. 

It was so simple and for the whole thing was only 313 calories, I'd say 4 portions could come from this batch and would be 78.3 calories. The thing I love about this too is that you can add anything to it to add more flavour. Chives, herbs and allsorts. 

Red onions 20g (8 calories)

Baby potatoes- boiled 332g (226 calories)

Philidelphia Lightest 60g (52 calories)

Heinz Seriously Good Light Mayonnaise 10g (27 calories)

Salt and pepper to season


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