Chicken, butternut squash, spinach and creme fraiche pasta (with loads of other ingredients!)

Naming recipes is funny isn't it? When there are loads of ingredients. You're supposed to just pick out some of the ingredients and not mention the others in the title and then BAM! There's the list of ingredients and there is a lot more than the 4 ingredients shown in the title. 

I'd placed an Asda order and saw a recipe for butternut squash and spinach pasta. It looked really nice and the good thing is you can add the ingredients to your basket in just one click without having to search for them all on the online shop. 
The day I was due to make this recipe I looked at the ingredients and realised the main sauce I was due to use for it hadn't been added to my basket and therefore delivered. So it became one of those "bung everything in and make it up as you go along" dinners. 
It turned out AMAZING and I'm super grateful for Asda not adding it to my basket! 

When it comes to this recipe I think you can put in however much of everything so haven't added weights or how much of each thing you need. Just go with it! 
Butternut squash 
Lazy garlic
Creme fraiche
Blue cheese
Caramelised red onions 
Garlic bread

Roasted the butternut squash for half an hour then added chicken and roasted for another 20 minutes. In this time the butternut squash was easy to mash up and to combine with the chicken.
Cook pasta.
I fried some lazy garlic, baby plum tomatoes with some spinach until the spinach had wilted, and then combined this with the chicken and butternut squash. 
In a saucepan I added some creme fraiche, and grated in some parmesan. 
Once this was heated and the parmesan had melted in with the creme fraiche I added the pasta and mixed so it was covered in the sauce. At this point you can add more creme fraiche or parmesan to have the perfect base sauce for your meal. 
I then added the chicken, butternut squash, spinach and tomato mixture and stired this through with the pasta, keeping it on a low heat. 
I then added a little blue cheese, and mixed it through the pasta, lastly adding some caramelised red onions. 

Serve in a bowl with garlic bread and grate on some more parmesan. 


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