My Word for 2019

Looking back on my posts I was sure I had done "my word for..." in 2017 but it seems last year was the only year I took part.

At the end of December I started thinking about what my word would be, and I came up with what I thought was the perfect name....and then I forgot it. So I figured it wasn't my word. 
I then stressed a bit because I thought I would end up with a word that was too obvious or boring or picking something at random that didn't mean anything at all.

And then it came to me, and has been going through my head non stop and not only means something in itself, but also branches off to mean a lot more also. 

The definition of 'be' pretty much sums up exactly why I have chosen it as my word for 2019.
1. exist.
2. occur; take place.

I feel like I want to exist a bit more, to do more, and to enjoy life more. To not sit around planning things and thinking how nice it would be to do things, and instead just go and do them.
Last years holidays and mini breaks gave me a taste of just getting on and getting out there and doing things. Walking, visiting, driving. Anything. Just being.

To be alert, be organised, be involved, be proactive, be productive, be a better mother, be a better adult, be a better person.
Be a better version of me.

To just....BE.


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