Jimmys Festival Day Two [Part Two]

After our fishing experience with Dolly we walked over to see the rest of the animals. Quite possibly one of the biggest highlights when I go to Jimmy's Farm is to go and see the pigs. We were just in time for the pig talk, which went ahead despite there not being many people forming a crowd and was nice as it felt like more of a general talk and conversation than an official presentation.
I love pigs, really loved watching two of the Pot Bellied Pigs playing around in the mud.
We went into the Outback Safari, something that has been built since we last visited the farm, and enjoyed stroking the goats but didn't get to see a Wallaby up close as they were sat far away. They were beautiful, pure white.
As we walked out of the gate Charles went over to the Emu. The emu was lovely and was fascinated by Charles' red fruit juice bottle.

We went into the butterfly house...a big thing for me when I am afraid of butterflies! And also went to see the tortoises, crocodiles and the birds, before Harry took on his mission of high fiving 5 guys from the Army! Almost failing when one tricked him and didn't high five properly...he eventually succeeded and both boys then had a chat with a man who showed them a rocket and some bullets. Both taking part in a challenge to see who could lift the rocket the highest.

We then decided to get lunch and to head over to the main stage to watch Dick n Dom. They went on stage early so we missed the beginning but still managed to get a good enough spot to watch at the side.
For lunch I couldn't resist a mixed combo from the Nachos stall. Nachos and AMAZING chips...it was definitely a good choice! 
Harry wanted a normal burger, which actually (surprisingly) seemed quite hard to find so he ended up with a fancy burger...minus all the fancy bits...for £7. Charles was tempted by the pizza stall and had a freshly made Pepperoni pizza...which I assumed would just be a slice but ended up being a full pizza! He demolished it in no time at all!

After having something to eat we went in the VIP section to see if we could meet Dick n Dom after their performance. Dom was happy to stand and have a chat and have his photo taken with the boys...although I'm pretty sure I was more starstruck than them!
We were really struggling with the heat at this point. The water and juice we had taken in with us had now all gone and keeping us hydrated at this point was getting a bit expensive. In the future I would take a suntent, set up a spot at the side by the main stage and take a wagon full of drinks supplies so that we had somewhere for shade and to keep us hydrated.

We had another walk around to the animals, letting the boys have a go on the bouncy pillow but after a few bounces their feet were burning. After promising them a couple of goes on the funfair we walked back up to the main area. Unfortunately Harry was too small for a couple of the rides but I let them go on the Helter Skelter, and then we went on the Ferris Wheel. I wish we'd been able to go on this at night when it was darker as I'm sure the view over the stage with the lights and crowd would have been beautiful.

Unfortunately the heat had defeated us and although we had camping passes for the Sunday night, school hadn't yet broken up for my boys so we left.

We had an amazing time at the Festival.
With a good mix of entertainment, and things to do, it was perfect for all of us to enjoy. Especially for us as fans of Jimmy's Farm anyway, it was the farm we love with added bonus!

We were invited to Jimmy's Festival for the purpose of this review. We were given tickets to the Festival and camping for the weekend, however all words are honest and my own.


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