Behind The Curtain

There is a stage. The lights shine bright onto it. The spotlights directed on them. 
The star of the show. 
The person of the moment. 

There is applause. Cheers. Praise.
For them.

She stands. Behind the curtain.
Proud of them.
Proud of their efforts. 
But with tears in her eyes.

What about her?
The support on the side.
The one they need. 
But the one who doesn't get mentioned.

Sometimes it's nice to be noticed too. 
To be shown off.
Instead of feeling like a secret. Instead of your achievements being hidden.
Behind the curtain. 

She stands. 
With those tears in her eyes.
Wondering why they won't acknowledge her.
What is it about her?

The way she looks? 
Her importance? 
Or her lack of importance?
Is she an embarrassment? 
Not worth being proud of?
Not worth bragging about. 

Lets keep her there. 
Let's praise her secretly. 
Let's not give her too much.
Keep her quiet.

Let her stand there.
Behind the curtain.
Where she belongs.


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