Fuerteventura In Photos | Yoga Centre

I was driving from Caleta De Fuste to the North of the island when I spotted this really beautiful building on the side of the roundabout. As I was driving I didn't have much time or opportunity to really look at the building but wanted to stop near it one day to take photos.
The following day the weather was just as beautiful and on the way to the same beach I was driving to the previous day, I wanted to take photos.
It felt a little awkward as I wasn't quite sure if the building was being used or if it was derelict and if the writing on the walls was just down to Graffiti, especially as it was so beautiful.
I pulled over the other side of the road and walked over...thinking that I was either lucky by not getting caught or worried that I was going to get chased and shot. The words "COTO PRIVADO RESPECT" were what made me feel particularly nervous, and also a little cheeky for then stepping on the land.
I drove round the roundabout and then down a small lane to the side of the building where I then saw a camper-van and a moped...a sign that maybe it wasn't derelict and then I fully expected to be told off.
The building was even better on this side and I fell in love with the image at the top of the building.

I think the risk was totally worth it.
I am really proud of these photos.

When I came back home I Googled to find out what this building was and searched the web address on the side of the building.

Taken from the website:

"We are a non-governmental organisation, enhancing the positive spirit of each other. Welcome to all kinds of religious and spiritual engagement, with maximal respect to everybody. 
We do Raja Yoga, that is a global form of exercise to de-stress the body by meditation to enhance internal peace and harmony, due to observing, who we are and what makes us happy.
The programme consists of various types of activities which all the family can participate in (childrens age from 4 Years)."

Doesn't it look stunning?


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