Five Things | Fuerteventura 2018 Highlights

Having been to three Canary Islands so far I had no doubt that Fuerteventura would be lovely, although as someone who is very much a big fan of Tenerife there was a lot to live up to.
I can honestly say that Fuerteventura is now my favourite Canary Island.

I've been back a week now and wanted to make a list of my highlights from the holiday in April 2018.

The Beaches

I visited a few different beaches during the holiday and each and every one was completely different but equally as beautiful. 
There was only one beach that I actually spent quite a bit of time on and visited twice. However, I think if I was to go back I would definitely make the effort to spend more time at the other beaches and to visit a few more.
All of the beaches were so clean and tidy and had the most beautiful views. 


I built up a bit of a soft spot for the Barbary Squirrels on the island and loved seeing them pretty much everywhere I went on the island. As a crazy cat lady I obviously liked seeing the cats around the island. 
There was one ginger and white cat that I saw every day on my way into town. I'm pretty sure she (maybe a he) recognised me and definitely became my friend. 

Car Hire

I have never driven abroad before let alone in a car where the driving controls are on the other side. I had planned on just relaxing all week and sticking to the area I was based with the villa. However, after the first day and walking in town I decided to take the plunge and hire a car. 
If you do visit Fuerteventura and want to hire a car I can highly recommend Ecocar. The one I hired from was in Caleta De Fuste. The prices were better than other places, only 150Euros deposit which you are likely to get back, in fact I expected a full interrogation before I got mine back but they paid it back and had full trust in me.
Whether or not I would hire a car in Tenerife is another matter as the drivers over there do seem a bit more...confident and impatient, however in Fuerteventura the roads didn't seem as busy and the locals were relatively patient with me.
I was surprised at how easy it was to drive the car, and in all honesty I wish I could have brought this car home. I absolutely fell in love with it and was really sad to hand it back. 


Everywhere on the island is absolutely beautiful. I am the type of person who appreciates "lost land" and a volcanic landscape. I saw reviews of Fuerteventura described as 'barren" but I actually really liked that. Maybe it's because I prefer to see the natural island rather than miles and miles of built up hotels and tourist spots. 
Driving around I noticed how much effort they put into their towns and even their roundabouts. Everything is so pretty and the flowers and plants are so pretty and colourful. 

Museums and Buildings

Not only do I appreciate the landscape but also loved the buildings. I'm really into the traditional aspect of buildings and any countries that I go to. 
I visited a couple of museums which I really enjoyed. One of the museums was a Salt Museum which was absolutely fascinating! I honestly didn't expect to learn much especially as the reviews complained about it all being in Spanish (weird that...seeing as it is a Spanish island...seriously! *eyeroll*)
I also went to a Windmill museum which, although wasn't as interesting as the Salt museum and was a little harder to follow in terms of the history, the actual building, courtyard and Windmill was beautiful to visit. 
There weren't a huge amount of traditional villages that I found to stop at, however my favourite was Betancuria, a beautiful village which I visited twice as I loved it so much. Gorgeous buildings, a beautiful shop and a lovely bar to sit and drink at. It made me super happy to have taken the decision to hire a car so I was able to get there to visit.


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