Crepes in Paris

Last September I was lucky enough to be taken to Paris for 24 hours by two friends.
We basically did a walking tour of the city and were really lucky with the weather so got to see a lot.
I didn't really have anything in particular I wanted to see, but one thing I had to do was to have a Crepe.
I have this thing when I go away that I set myself a mini bucket list and in Paris there was literally three things on my list.
1. Eat a Crepe
2. Eat Escargot
3. Speak French as often as possible (not so easy when they know you are English and speak English to you.

My friends went for a sweet crepe (banana and Nutella...I hate bananas but they did look nice) and I decided to go for Ham and Cheese.
The man working in the Kiosk was lovely, an older gentleman who it was easy to have an innocent flirt with.
I asked if it was ok for me to take photos as he made the Crepe, which he didn't mind and ended up encouraging me and waiting for me to take a photo until he moved onto the next step of the Crepe making. He also encouraged me to have double the cheese I should I have done...which although tasted amazing actually meant it was a greasy meal to eat and walk with.
I loved how when he finished the Crepe he held it up for me to take a photo of too. This guy was photo-perfection and definitely knew how to work his product.


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